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Do You Think You Have An Incurable Illness?

Have you wondered if you are capable of healing an “incurable” illness? I am delighted to inform you that it is absolutely possible to heal, (not “cure”) an incurable illness. The body has miraculous abilities to heal itself. We all have everything within us to heal anything and everything. We were not just dumped on

The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis and Illness

Hello, my name is Christine Albright. I am a certified energetic, spiritual and intuitive healer specializing in the alternative healing treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses and injuries. This form of healing works for everything; it is just how the body innately heals itself. The reason I am qualified to speak about this healing

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

By: Christine Albright Published in: Alternatives Healing Magazine, Portland, Oregon, Fall-2002, Issue 23, Energetic Healing The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis 
Embracing Love and the Innate Inner Healer I believe disease is a call for our attention, a “knocking at the door”, so to speak. Disease asks us to look deeply within to find the answers,