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Intuitive Healing 

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is the awareness of connecting with another person on many levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. It is the ability to “see” and “feel” beyond the obvious surface levels into the deeper energetic and spiritual realms of the individual that I am working with. This is the Universal field of wisdom and oneness that we all are connected to and have within us. The answers that reveal themselves to me from this level are amazingly correct, accurate and detailed and result in the truth about the treatment of healing needed for my client. This is the cosmic energy that surrounds and inhabits all life forms at all times which can result in profound harmony and healing. As I am connecting with my client, I release my minds attempts to control and provide answers from a superficial level and surrender the healing to the divine guidance within me. As with my own healing of MS I begin to receive deep and detailed impressions, feelings and knowings about what was necessary for the healing of my MS and now for my client on all necessary levels.

As I am ‘letting go’ in order to receive the information, I become aware on an intuitive level of any blockages or needs that the person has for healing. If the communication I receive has not yet given the full remedy as to what is needed to heal the condition (for example, change in diet or exercise) I ask further into the deep energy what is needed, moving through many layers as necessary, and I receive an answer to provide to the client what their being is asking for from them to complete their healing. It is a very interactive healing process as the client is included on a very deep level in their own healing process.  

When I was a teenager I became acuity aware that I could “feel” and “know” what was happening around me and to the people I cared about and loved though could be hundreds of miles away. My lower spine where millions of nerves merge at the tail bone (a very spiritual location in the body) would begin to vibrate and I knew some part of me was wanting my attention. When I felt into the feeling in my spine I would become clear and aware of the message. “Doug just broke his finger. I looked at the clock – 11:00am. When I returned home that evening, I called Doug and asked how his day was. He replied; It was good but darn it, I broke my thumb. I asked, what time was that? He said, oh, a little before lunch. Or later, I felt the spine tingle again, and when I asked, I was aware that my best friend had just been admitted to the hospital, Saturday morning. When I returned home from camping 300 miles away, she had been admitted for a painful ulcer Saturday morning at the same time. I often knew or would “see” things happen before or while they were happening. I learned to trust these messages though all around me were skeptical so I learned to keep it to myself. 

I used this ability during my own healing of MS and it greatly guided me as I often didn’t know what was happening next or what needed to be done. The guidance I received was always correct and provided a great sense of knowing and gave me incredible messages to heal my MS, and that somehow, someway it was all going to be okay. That it was possible for this illness to be completely healed. And it was. 

I now use these abilities to help others searching for a deeper, truer way of connecting and healing their illnesses or injuries. Connecting to the Universal and Divine energies that flow through us all to guide us to what is being asked for from their deepest beings to heal. 

I feel deeply blessed to use and provide this gift that I have been given to help others in the deep healing process of their illness or injury.