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Holistic Healing of MS: Harnessing Natural Results

I would like to share a bit of who I am with you with the intention of allowing you to get to know me better and open this healing process in an even deeper manner. I’ve had clients and people ask me if there was something different about me that allowed me to be able to heal this MS. I’ve been hesitant to share with them who I am as I don’t want to create the idea that our differences allowed me to heal this and they cannot.

We are all born with the innate ability to heal our bodies and full beings. The difference I have found and will talk about throughout this website is the person’s ability and willingness to one, let go, to surrender to the fact that their body knows exactly what to do to heal itself and two, to go very deep within themselves and do the necessary inner work required to heal this illness and themselves on all levels (see Healing Process). Many of my clients have had a very similar healing journey as I did with fantastic results. Also, these people are the most committed to their healing process.

At the age of six my mom pulled both my sister and I out of the Lutheran church and put us in what many referred to as that “hocus pocus” metaphysical church, The Mile High Church of Religious Science. The training I received at this church I believe was the highlight of many positive and expansive influences that shaped my life. The belief that anything is possible was a cornerstone of my healing of the MS, after being told that nothing was possible, I knew this was not a truth for me. Along with the deep and true belief that God is loving and benevolent and is always there to help me when I need it or ask for His help.My life has not been a typical life. Both of my parents are extremely gifted and talented artists and provided well for us by living their art. My sister, 3 1/2 years older than I where given free rein to adventure and explore in the beautiful country setting where we grew up. With two lakes to swim and ice skate on, meadows, horses, foxes and as many animals as we could handle along with an incredibly awesome view of the front range of the Colorado rocky mountains. My love of nature and animals grew as I did. It was a magnificent place for a child to grow up and expand a sense of self. My parents emphasized self expression and non conformity and to “be ourselves”. This connection with nature and life helped to open me to a sense of how life works. One can find many answers to life’s questions in nature. Just the awareness I found in my healing process to “let go” and surrender to the truth of how creation works perfectly well without my interference. It can be the truth of nature or God which are basically one and the same. Nature is God expressing in such incredibly beautiful and amazing ways. Our mind can try to make things so difficult, but if we watch nature there is a simple yet perfect order to how it works, which is the same way this healing process works. It is a very organic process. It opens and expands one’s self naturally and in a perfect order.

The complete surrender of the MS to God was my first and most important step in the healing process. The deep knowing that this “incurable” illness could in fact be healed and that I could do it (though I had no idea how) came I believe, directly from the belief that there is something greater than me, a presence or energy in the universe that I could connect to and receive the answers I needed to heal. This came from a much higher plane than my mind or just myself, and that it is always at my disposal to connect to and to graciously benefit from. The “knowing” that we are meant to be well and whole and that we can connect to that presence to guide us to our natural healthy state. After I completely surrendered the illness to God or this higher presence, I began receiving insights and awareness as to what to do next to heal the MS. Every direction moved me deeper into the healing process. Feeling similar to the feeling I would get when I was in nature and just following the natural flow of life. It naturally takes you where you need to go. There is a natural order to all of life and when we step in and let go, it will guide you.

As a child I was very sensitive and gentle yet at the same time as my dad referred to me in later years as fearless. It never occurred to me to be in fear, even as an adult. If there was fear I eventually viewed it as something to overcome or move through. Or I could find a place in me that was greater or truer than the fear and choose that reality rather than the illusion of fear. I think I just always had the sense or belief that something (God) was always looking out for me and I was safe. I just trusted life, it was on my side; which was incredibly helpful during the very challenging times dealing with the MS and the fear that did come through. I then learned once again, how to work with it and face it rather than being controlled and running from it.

This fearlessness as a child eventually turned into a less constructive behavior of being a daredevil throughout my childhood. This behavior landed me in the hospital where I was unconscious for four hours due to a concussion, broken nose and face. I just loved to push the edge, but more for the curiosity of “what will happen if I try this? If I go really, really, really fast down this hill on my bike, how close can I get to the curb before I have to put the brakes on?” Maybe I should have been a scientist, always testing the limits. I rarely got hurt doing these stunts but this time I forgot to allow for the fact that I was on my sister’s bike which was bigger than mine and I could not control the brakes. This led my mom into making a decision that if I’m going to hurt herself it may as well be in a constructive manner.

So, at age ten I began training to be a professional ballet dancer. It was grueling work but taught me dedication and discipline which I have been very grateful for as an adult. The first day I attended the ballet class and saw one of the dancers with her leg contorted around her neck, I should have bolted for the door then, as my better judgment told me.

The ballet is very beautiful and a sort of mystical, magical world of its own. For the eleven years that I trained and preformed I felt I grew up in a “ballet bubble”. The training for ballet is extremely rigorous if not abusive. Yes, it was abusive to the body and probably the whole being. And the old school German ballet teacher and director that I trained with wouldn’t be allowed to get away with these days what she did then. I’m sure that training contributed to the MS. But it also contributed to my deeper sense of life and my awareness of my body. And although abusing my body through the training along with the horrible and neurotic eating disorders in order to be far too “dancer” skinny, it was at those times that I first heard my body screaming at me to stop forcing these awful behaviors on it. That was my first awareness of its internal presence and requests. This helped me greatly during the healing process, hearing and trusting what my body was telling me it needed from me to heal the MS. Though many of my clients are able to hear their bodies without such a destructive background.

Because my life was and is full of the unusual, defiantly not the status quo and it brought me experiences that forced me to step out of the norm. I am definitely not an “in the box “sort of person. Which I really enjoy and it makes life interesting, exciting, expansive and at times challenging. Here are some of those experiences.

When I was in my early teens, I had some very unusual experiences. I would often be aware of things that were going to happen before they actually happened, and then they would happen just as I had “seen” them. Or feeling things happen to a friend, such as a severe accident. I actually felt this friend going through the accident, not knowing that it was what I was feeling until his sister called the next morning and notified me of the accident. Then I knew that had been what I experienced. Or feeling a friend who was being admitted into the hospital even though I was camping hundreds of miles away. This in turn, opened my mind to the realization that things are not always as they seem and we may not always have a provable or comfortable explanation for them.

Life holds layers and levels that we have no idea about and that we certainly can’t make sense of in our rational minds. Again, it requires a step out of the proverbial box of the accepted norm. I’ve experienced several things in my life that opened my mind and yet were deemed impossible by others. I knew then that I would never again say something was impossible. These experiences defiantly expanded my reality of what I believed to be true, or at least possible. And I believe that throughout my life, it has set me up in many ways for the possibility and the reality of the healing of this supposedly incurable illness.

When I was 21 I realized that I had to actually make a living and even performing with Colorado Ballet would not accommodate me that necessity. I heard endlessly how all the money went to the Broncos, not the arts. So, I decided to do something creative yet could possibly provide me a decent living. I enrolled in school to receive a degree in interior design. I loved it! I learned and worked at all forms of design. Commercial and some residential, retail, but my passion was in restaurant design.

After being diagnosed at 30 years old with MS , my greatest fear in life, presenting the symptoms of optic neuritis, tingling and numbness in extremities and severe fatigue. This was confirmed through an MRI. I decided to move to California where I felt it was more conducive to my healing process. There, with all the incredibly beautiful flowers abounding everywhere the palm trees swaying in the breeze and the beautiful ocean how could I help but heal? I thought surely this is the place for healing that my deep being is crying for. It also got me away from certain energies in my life in Colorado that I knew I could not heal my body if I continued to expose myself to. So after moving around for awhile I finally settled in the lovely town of Walnut Creek, CA. Here I ended up setting up a commercial restaurant interior design business working in the San Francisco bay area which thrilled me to the core as I exposed myself to architecture in San Francisco that I did not receive in Colorado. Yet, within that, in my personal life I was also able to hermitize myself with no distractions from anyone. I created a very nurturing and healing environment in my home in order to be so quiet and go so deep as to hear what my body was telling me it needed for me to heal. This quiet healing environment is very important to the healing process. It became an exceptionally beautiful time in my life. The awareness and discoveries that I was receiving were life altering and healing me in a very deep, profound and complete way. At the end of four years I knew the moment that my healing was complete. An amazing moment!

After settling in with the awareness that my healing journey was complete, I then knew that I was to take it to others searching just like I had. In a quiet conversation with God one morning, I said “God, I feel I’m supposed to help others with this illness now. What would you like me to do? The message came in loud and very clear. It said “watch for the teacher”. So I set out to watch. Typical me, I tried to find him or her talking to many healer types but no one felt right. They didn’t hold the right energy that I had felt during my healing process and was now searching for. Then one day I went to a lecture at a Unity Church by a man named Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, I had never heard of him before but after listening to him talk for ten minutes I knew he was the teacher who I had been instructed to “watch for” for the past four years. The incredibly deep love and healing he brought in was amazing and was the feeling I was waiting to experience and the same feeling of love that had healed my MS. He was teaching healing in the exact same way I had innately taught myself to heal, though I had never heard of or experienced this form of healing anywhere else outside of my own healing process.

So, I enrolled in his school, The Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing for three years and became certified in energetic and spiritual healing. I could then take this out into the world to help others heal by this incredible form of healing. It was also based on the Sufi spiritual path; a very deep, sacred, holy, ancient path to God and healing. I now share this with my clients who are interested and watch as their healing deepens beyond what we are aware of in this culture.

I remember thinking, if I could heal this MS without any form of support or knowledge, only by listening inside to what my body was telling me, then that must mean we are all capable of healing in this way. That God gave us all this ability to heal ourselves. It is built into the system, our internal system, for those who choose to listen.

And here I am now, twelve years later, following this incredibly deep and profound desire that I have to help people with this healing process. I am very excited to provide the information in this website to anyone, anywhere (through the world wide web) to open or activate in others an already deep awareness or even just a clue that this amazing, inbred energy and healing system that we carry within exists. I will also be finishing a book soon with deeper and more detailed information than this website can offer. I will also be providing lectures, workshops and classes on this healing process through this site and in person in Colorado and hopefully abroad.

Because it is so extraordinary and true and I “know” we are supposed to be exposed to it, live it and heal with and through it. It is time now to walk this truth that dwells deeply within us all and connect us to a huge truth as big as the Universe itself. We don’t get to play small or helpless anymore. And for those of you who have the courage, and feel the internal pull calling to you, to really reach out and touch the face of your deep truth, not hiding away or ignoring it, and taking the next step. The answers are available for you, within you and from, you which has revealed itself from the same place within me.