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Do You Think You Have An Incurable Illness?

Have you wondered if you are capable of healing an “incurable” illness? I am delighted to inform you that it is absolutely possible to heal, (not “cure”) an incurable illness. The body has miraculous abilities to heal itself. We all have everything within us to heal anything and everything. We were not just dumped on the planet with no way to heal ourselves. We are all naturally designed with these amazing abilities to heal ourselves.

I am pleased and delighted to share with you these amazing abilities that I discovered while healing myself of Multiple Sclerosis, an  “incurable” illness. I have been symptom free for 23 years and share these healing processes with people worldwide who have found amazing relief through connecting to their innate and profound  inner healer.

Here are some basic ways of activating your innate ability to heal yourself:

First, it is very important that you learn how NOT to be in your head or intellect and try not to”figure it out”. You cant, if you tried. The healing comes from a very deep place within each of us. Healing comes from the heart and feeling rather than the mind and thinking.

I am pleased to tell you that to heal, you must simply learn to relax and let go! Your body and deep being knows exactly what to do to heal you and exactly when and how to do it. You simply need to get out of the way and learn to listen to what your body/being is telling you to do to heal. It is actually quite simple, but maybe not so easy. Just commit to your own healing process. Your body/ being knows if you are committed. You will get out of it what you put into it.

If you have a symptom, let yourself feel it, say YES to it, rather than saying NO or fighting  it. Yes, opens the energy that naturally begins to heal it, No, contracts or blocks the natural healing energy. You want to support your bodies natural healing energy.

Know that every symptom is there for a very specific reason. Like everything the body does, it is like a finely tuned machine and everything works in perfect rhythm  with all the other parts. So, when you have a symptom, know that it is there for a specific reason and trying so hard to give you important information on how to heal it. It is the bodies way of communicating with you. If you allow yourself to be quiet, relax into the symptom and your body, and feel what it is trying to tell you, listen to the inner voice. It may be a quiet voice that says. “eat more spinach”  or “get more rest” and then DO IT. Then be aware of how you are feeling. Even keep a journal to keep tract of how your body is talking to you and what happens when you do what it asks of you. Then you will build trust in collaborating with your body and it will begin to trust that you are on its side and it will give you more information to heal. It is so amazing how it works!

Your body/being is trying to heal itself all the time in every way. Your bodies natural state is to be healthy, well and whole all the time and is constantly trying to get to that state. But as partners, and you are partners, you must be in alignment with the body so it can do with you what is needed to heal. When you learn to embrace it, opposed to hate it, fear it or fight it,  but instead, send loving high frequency energy to it, it will soften naturally and begin to heal. Just like people soften when they feel loved, so does your body. Be aware of how you are with your illness. Feel it like a child that needs love to stop crying and to heal. Be kind and patient with yourself like you would a dear friend who needs your help and support. When  your body/being begins to trust that you are trying to help it rather than get rid of it it, will begin to open and show you what it needs for you to do to heal.

Stayed tuned for more information on how to heal your body.

Christine Albright                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       303/465-9200


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