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Alternative Energy Healing

Healing Beyond Limits: Spiritual Solutions for Multiple Sclerosis

There are many, many forms or modalities of alternative healing. Alternative usually means it is not of the traditional western medical model meaning the use of drugs and surgery as the only or main form of treatment. Though some practitioners may use a variation or combination of both called complimentary treatments. 

The energy medicine used in this center uses no drugs or surgery. It relies on the profound healing energy within the body that we are all naturally born with. Our bodies are made of energy as is everything in existence. This powerful, yet gentle form of healing relies on our innate ability to heal through connection with the life force that is naturally within us all. As we raise the vibration in our body/being, through right living, the energies of love, joy, kindness and choosing the positive, it begins to realign itself back to its natural state of wellness and wholeness as it was designed to do. This works on all layers of the body/being. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and atheric. All these layers need to come into alignment with each other at some point in the healing process as this creates balance and alignment which naturally creates healing. This brings the body back to its innate state of wellness, health and wholeness. 

Energy Healing takes more time than the Touch Healing. The patient is conscious of the actual healing process and is aware of why the malady is present and what the body is asking for healing. They are consciously providing the necessary healing elements that the body has asked for and are in a state of deep learning from their body and being. These awareness’s that become present during this healing process can change their lives in a deeply profound way. Besides the healing it provides and can aid them throughout the rest of their lives through the conscious awareness of what their being needs on all layers and levels.

The Touch Healing is a very quick healing process and is excellent for the treatment of pain and other maladies. It seems to melt pain away. Again, through raising the frequency of the life force energy in the body/being it brings the body into its natural state of alignment. This reduces the inflammation which causes pain. Or if there is a blockage of any kind in the body or being because it is out of alignment, it will automatically fall back into alignment or release the blockage through the high frequency energy and the bodies naturally inclination to find its intended state of wellness.

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