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Healing Tips

Healing Tips


  • The body knows innately how to heal itself. “Let Go”, Surrender and trust this natural process. Learn to “hear” what it is telling you.

  • Create a loving relationship and collaboration with your body and being, befriend it. It doesn’t want to be sick either. Working together in collaboration with your body is essential for your deep healing.

  • Connect to your body and being through the heart opposed to the mind or intellect. Working through the heart center opens the energy and will give you deep insights and awareness’s into your deep being and its ability to provide the true answers necessary for your healing. The mind actually blocks the healing process through its need to control, analyze and figure out what to do. Relax into the wisdom of the heart, body and soul.

  • Be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself during this healing process. It takes time, and you are learning something very new and very profound that will be with you for the rest of your life.

  • Create quiet, relaxed time daily so you can” hear” or feel what your body and being is telling you.

  • It is very important to embrace the illness opposed to fearing, fighting and rejecting it. When you embrace it, even love it, it opens the energy necessary for healing. When we reject, hate, ignore or suppress it, it closes the energy necessary for healing. Know it is in your life for a reason. It is how your deep being is getting your attention for your healing on many levels.

  • Learn to listen, respect and honor what your body is telling you that it needs from you to heal. Every symptom is a communication from the body. Not something to be feared and rejected. If you listen, it will tell you why the symptom is present and what it needs for you to do to heal.

  • The body is constantly trying to get you back to your natural state of health, wellness and wholeness. Hear what your body is telling you by feeling it opposed to thinking it.

  • If you don’t already have a spiritual path, develop one. If you do, use and deepen it. Surrender your healing to the highest source to help you from the deepest truth. Love and God are the highest healing energies that exist. Try to surrender to and use these as much as possible. It is a very powerful and profound process for healing.

  • Fear is an illusion. Face it and walk through it. The true and necessary information that you need is on the other side of it.

  • Get enough rest. It takes a lot of energy for the body to heal. Reduce or illuminate stress.

  • Raising the frequency in your body and in your life is very important for healing. When the frequency or vibration is raised to a high level it activates the body and beings natural ability to heal itself. High vibration energies are love, God or higher power (whatever that is for you), joy, fun, giving and receiving, positive and healthy situations and people. If it makes you deeply happy it’s a high vibration and activates the healing process. Surround yourself with positive energies and love. Love yourself deeply. Love the illness and its symptoms. Stay away from low vibrations energies such as negative situations and people. Connect in a deep way to yourself through meditation, nature, quiet time and healthy living.

  • Visualize you and your body healthy, happy, symptom free and completely healed. Yes it is possible!