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Support Groups

These support groups are very positive based and use the healing elements that are used throughout this healing modality. Current participants have been on this healing path for various amounts of time. All are welcome, whether you are a novice or are familiar with this healing process. MS and other illnesses or injuries are welcome.

To start, a healing prayer is offered to invoke the divine energy into the group. A deep, full body relaxation and connection to the body/being through guided imagery is then provided. The group connects on the heart level through a practice called the four layers of the heart which takes each person deep into their center, where true healing is available. We then connect to each other through this deep level. Each person asks within if their heart wants to tell them a truth that they need to know for their healing or their life.

Each participant shares what they may have received and how they are doing with their healing process. As each person shares, they can ask me for additional support or to answer any questions from a very deep intuitive level. This helps them go deeper, and connect with a profound inner truth they may have not been previously aware of. The group is interactive, loving and supportive of each other.

The intuitive teachings I offer in this group are very deep and insightful and take people to a profound inner place to assist with their deep healing process.

The combination of the energetic/quantum healing sessions and this support group is a very powerful alliance as they complement each other to support your deepest healing.

The individual healing sessions take a person very deep into themselves to hear what the body/being needs and what it is asking for. The support group assists the person in a day to day process of how this healing works and also the interaction with others on this healing path adds to their confidence by knowing others are going through a similar process.

As in any support group, each person can learn from the others questions and these teachings are viable for each person’s healing inner journey.

This support group is available in person or through Tele-conference calls. Currently it is available once a week on Wednesdays at 2:30pm MST. More support groups will be available as needed. Please call to schedule attendance or to ask any questions.

Call 303-465-9200 MST.

We welcome and support you and would love to have you join us.