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The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis and Illness

Hello, my name is Christine Albright. I am a certified energetic, spiritual and intuitive healer specializing in the alternative healing treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses and injuries. This form of healing works for everything; it is just how the body innately heals itself. The reason I am qualified to speak about this healing process is because I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and was told what the doctors are still telling people who are diagnosed with this and many other illnesses, that it is incurable, there are only drugs to take to treat it and that I would live with it the rest of my life. How disheartening! But somehow, I just “knew” that it wasn’t true for me. The Universe doesn’t work in dead ends like that. I also realized in time that the incurable is because the doctors don’t have an answer to this particular illness so they say its “incurable”. I guess it is incurable when they consider drugs the only way to treat it. But there are many ways to treat it. Many times in this culture we learn to hate, fear and fight or try to kill things or illnesses like this, which actually makes it worse. As an energetic healer I’ve learned to work with the energies that are within us all and that innately heal. Love and God are the highest healing energies that exist. When I exposed my MS to these energies, it immediately began to feel better, lighter and calmer, more relaxed. The MS or any illness or situation is not the enemy, it is your body crying for you to listen to it and it will tell you what it needs for you to do to heal it. Our bodies natural state is to be healthy, well and whole at all times. We are all made that way. When it is not, something in you needs your loving attention to heal it. The symptoms are the way the body communicates with you and as you move into the feeling of the symptom and accept it instead of reject it, the energy begins to open and heal. I did this for four years and completely healed my MS and have been symptom free for twenty years. I now teach others searching for an answer how to connect with this innate ability to heal that we are all born with. It works for all illnesses and injuries or anything that is out of alignment and wants, needs to heal. It is how the Universe heals everything! I am writing this to let you know you are not stuck with this and there is a way out, and it is within you. We all have everything we need to heal within us. We are all born that way. The highest healing energies are Love and God.

All things are possible with these energies!

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Warmly, Christine Albright

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