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Innate Healing

Innate Healing

This healing process is an exquisite and incredibly beautiful, powerful and profound inner journey. Maybe the one your deep inner being has been calling for, for a long time. It is stepping into acknowledging and embracing the way the body is innately intended to heal itself. Through connecting to a very deep place from within, knowing that the body and being have an incredibly profound inner wisdom and knows exactly what, when and how it needs to heal. Listening from the inside out, opposed to what most of us have been taught to do and look to the outside only for our healing answers. Listening from the inside will result in amazing, true and profound awareness’s to your healing process. We are made with all of the answers we need for our healing intrinsically programmed inside of us.

This innate ability to heal is programmed into all living things. The plants, the animals and the people. We would all be dead if this process was not in place and naturally working. It works for everything. From a cut on the finger, to a cold or flu, to MS, cancer and any illness, injury or malfunction or imbalance in any and all ways in the body being. On all layers, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and autheric. The body is constantly trying to get us back to our original state of wellness, health and balance as we were born to be and it knows exactly how to get us there.

The way to connect with this ability again, it to feel it, (opposed to think it) accept it, and listen to what your body is asking of you, and to honor what it requests, trusting its innate ability to heal.

To connect to this innate ability to heal your body, simply “feel” your body. What does it feel like? Is it tense? Or relaxed? Tired or full of energy? Does it have an emotion? Like anger or sadness? Whatever you become aware of simply say “YES” to that feeling and feel as your body relaxes into the yes opposed to a NO or your trying to force it to be as you want it to be which leads to further complications.

Again, loving and accepting your body is the beginning and end of great healing. Let it tell you what it wants and needs rather than you telling it what you want. I promise you don’t know what it needs from your mind. Surrender and befriend your body’s innate, inner wisdom and its incredibly unique and powerful ability to heal itself.                           

It is the gift of healing and it is all built in naturally. You simply need to learn how to listen to its communications.