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Touch Healing

Touch Healing

Touch Healing is a process of activating and uniting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It sees the person that needs healing as the healer not the patient. For we are all born with the natural inclination and ability to heal the self. We contain all the necessary elements, on all layers of the being to activate and bring into harmony for our ultimate healing. Like the many elements necessary in a symphony to create beautiful music, but this is the music of our body, heart and soul that is trying so hard to bring itself back into its natural state of balance, alignment and wellness as it is intended to be.

Touch Healing connects to and opens the energy to contact areas of restrictions and blockages that create illness and pain. These often build up from situations from the past and present traumas and crisis or negative ways of thinking or living that the body and being is asking to be relieved, attended to, changed and healed.

Because Touch brings truth into your awareness in its natural strive to heal, it makes you aware of situations that your mind may block and not allow you access or be consciously aware of. Once these energies are activated it leads to a natural release of the blockage and therefore a natural healing occurs as the truth of the cause of the illness or situation is revealed and released.

 It gathers the energies of earth and its incredibly profound innate ability to naturally heal itself. Nature always seeks balance and balance creates healing so using the earth or natures natural energy to heal is essential along with deep breath work, and the fundamental, instinctive and most basic energies of love. Love is everywhere, in the particles of the air and is always available for us to use as the most profound element of healing.

 Once these energies begin to cycle through the injury, illness or pain and the body and deep being that have been activated, whether it is a one time treatment or several, the body cannot help but to begin to regain its natural state of balance, alignment and ultimate healing that it has been calling for all along through the illness.

 I have worked with many clients who have tried “everything” to heal their issue and once they consciously and lovingly connect with the illness or pain rather than ignore or reject it, and let it tell them why it is there and what it needs to heal the malady is instantly released.

 It is actually quite amazing, yet totally natural and the way it is intended to work.

Touch Healing with Guided Imagery CD 

This CD contains the guided imagery used in all my healing sessions and that I used everyday in my healing process for four years. It is a deep relaxation that your body and deep being needs to open the energy channels so your body can receive the natural healing energy that you need to heal. You will also learn how to listen to your body as it provides you with the essential information that it needs for its deep healing.

We connect to the heart through a practice called the four layers of the heart which take you deep into your heart that connects to the truth that your body and being need you to know to heal. It also contains teachings on the energetic healing process and how you can consciously begin to attract and develop the high frequency energy throughout your life to strengthen and support your natural healing process.

Please check back as this CD will be available soon.