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Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing

 The inner child is that part of ourselves that as adults we may have long forgotten or don’t believe that it exists at all. But it is that playful, curious, creative part of us that wants to play and be loved. The part that wants attention and acknowledgment and to be treated with kindness, gentleness and sweetness. She or he wants to be heard, listened to and accepted. Something our adult often wants as well. The inner child healing is essential to your overall healing.

The inner child contains deep and profound wisdom for your healing. S/he knows exactly what you need and is deeply aware of why you have the illness to begin with. Many times the illness started in childhood. Perhaps a traumatic event or wounding. S/he can tell you exactly what happened that you may have no memory of as an adult until s/he triggers it and you will be amazed at the memory of the event and how s/he can guide you to heal it. This healing is always a gentle process, nothing to be afraid of. The child just needs you to connect to this possibly denied part of your being in order to lovingly heal it.

But first, you must develop a connection or relationship with your inner child. Just like a real child, s/he must trust you before s/he will divulge the information you seek for healing. The inner child resides in the abdomen in the physical body but is also in the heart and as you connect, you can feel the energy of the child throughout your being. You will begin to soften and relax. Even feel the energy of happiness. I was always amazed how happy and calm I (my adult) felt after spending time with my inner child.

To spend time with your inner child, allow yourself to relax, without an agenda. Be in the softness of your heart opposed to the hardness and control of the mind. Remember how you felt as a child at your earliest memory of her/him. What were you like? Rambunctious? Energetic? Quiet and calm? Make no judgments; there is no right or wrong here, just awareness and acceptance of your sweet child and say “YES” to them however they appear. Like you would be with a real child, but it is you. What did you need when you were a child?

When you start to feel their energy within you, usually a softness or curiosity, you can ask if there is anything s/he wants or needs from you? Listen to the answer from your inner voice. You don’t have to DO something to begin with. Many times they just want to sit with you and simply BE, becoming familiar with you and you with them. They ask, are you for real? Do you really care or are you going to leave me again? Answer from the truth in your heart.

 Spending time with your child on a consistent basis is very important. In the morning, when you wake, say, hello to them or goodnight at bedtime. Asking her/him first what they want to do to spend time with you, if in fact, they want to do that at all. It is important that you not force or project your ideas of what to do together on the child. Be patient. In the beginning as they are getting used to you, they may hide so just being quietly available to your child in a loving and calm way. Allow the inner child to call the shots and tell you what they want.

 I used to spend an hour every Thursday night with my child. She came to expect me and I her. I’d ask what she wanted to do. Usually she wanted me to read her a story that we had chosen together at the library or paint a picture together. I resisted at first, then, I found I really enjoyed the calm yet fun and creative interaction with this part of me that needed the deep healing and the attention I didn’t receive as a child. I experienced a part of me, the true me, which I was, as a very young child and what I came to realize was the true me as an adult as well, but had been long forgotten.

This was a huge part of my healing the MS. When I connected to my inner child, I connected to the essence of who I am. My child was so very sweet and gentle. As an adult I had become aggressive, defensive and hard, a major reason I had contracted the MS in the first place because I was so far from the truth of who I truly am. When I then connected to the truth of who I am, this gentle, sweet part of me, I realized I had adopted the aggressive part to survive as a child but it wasn’t my truth at all. As I allowed myself to reunite with my gentle, sweet, kind true reality I immediately began to heal. I began to realign and balance which is the essence of healing. The hardness just dissolved away like it had been waiting forever for me to rediscover my true self and I was so relieved and delighted to be home again to my truth!  The healing process also requires this more gentle form of energy that the child brings in which naturally opens and expands the energy and leads to healing.

A very important part of this healing process is that you are living from your authentic self. Your body won’t let you fully heal until you find your deep truth of who you are. Working with the inner child, because it is the true self is a very important part and an avenue to connecting to the genuine you.

 I noticed a deep sense of peace and calmness was starting to take place in my life. As my child relaxed feeling safe and cared for so did my adult. You are actually reparenting the child in you that may have not received the care it needed so long ago. Or even if you had a wonderful childhood, the connection to your child is necessary and very fulfilling. There are things your child will tell you that you may never connect with on your own from you adult.

 This is your chance to give yourself what may have been missing as a child. This is a very powerful form of healing on a deep and true level. This truth of who I was that had changed traumatically over time and led to many non truths as an adult. This is what needed to be healed and was an enormous part of my healing. As I recovered my authentic self through the truth of my child, a part of me that was very necessary, was then recovered and essential for my overall healing.

 Surrender to the wisdom of your inner child. It is another part of you that needs healing for the overall healing of the illness. It is a very positive and joyous journey.