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Client Testimonials

Alternative MS Treatment Successes

The following testimonials are those from clients who I have worked with and those who have made a deep and sincere commitment to their healing, resulting in wonderfully profound results and healings beyond what they could imagine at the onset of this healing process.

“It took awhile to realize the truth: MS is a gift if I am willing to listen to what my body is trying to tell me, and follow through with what I hear and am asked to do.”
– Rita Jean

“When I was diagnosed with MS, I started taking medicine but kept searching for someone who had healed it. I found Christine’s story, contacted her, and my life has been so changed for the better. I now am making great progress in healing my body, my being, and my life.”
– Naomi

When I came to Christine, I was full of fear about a very scary diagnosis. But every time I talk with Christine, I feel relaxed, loving, and full of confidence about my ability to heal myself. Christine has taught me about the power of going inside my heart and listening to my body. I have only worked with her for about a month, but already I have been able to turn my fear of disease into a love and respect for my self and my body. This love and respect has enabled me to make profound dietary and lifestyle changes that support my healing – not from a place of guilt and obsession, because that’s how I got here in the first place – but from a place of love and care for myself. The rewards for this are far reaching – and I have yet to experience even a fraction of what a difference this will make.

Already, my muscle twitches have reduced to almost nothing, my dizziness has decreased significantly, and my relationships are becoming more loving all the time. I have changed from dreading the future, to looking forward to the joys it will bring!
– David

A friend of mine gave me Christine’s business card that a women had given to him who used to have MS. With Christine’s help, she was healed. Of course, I was skeptical but very curious. The medicines were no longer working and the pain was becoming unbearable. I was willing to try anything. When I started seeing Christine, I was a train wreck. It has been almost two years now and I am proud to say that the pain is gone. After a stressful day at work, I feel my energy frequency shift to a more positive state and all the negative energy just melts away. Sometimes it’s hard to justify the expense, but I guarantee it’s cheaper than all the medicines the doctors put us on and it actually works. I can’t explain how it works, but it does.
-Trish Williams

“Through this deep healing work with Christine, I have shifted into an increasingly intimate relationship with my body, my partner in healing conditions that I previously would have ignored.”
– Kathleen

Working with Christine has helped me connect to my body in ways I never imagined. Her healing process has enabled me to develop some deep insights into my body and my life. Over the months we have worked together I have started to feel better and resolve major issues in my life. I am happier and hopeful for the future
-Chris Breen

What has been most meaningful in working with Christine is the loving energy I have received. I feel very safe with her and the group in opening up and sharing the things that come up for healing. It has been an amazing Inner Journey to healing the Multiple Sclerosis. My life and illness has truly changed through meditation and asking my body what it needs from me to do to heal and listening to it’s instructions. I also ask my body for guidance when I am making decisions to make sure it is in line with what my body needs to heal. God is leading me into a deeper walk with Him in my heart. God wants me to live in my heart. I am so much more deeply connected to my true being, so I can now complete this healing process as I am guided.

I have overcome my fear of working on my most intense MS symptom, shaking and rolling of my eye and during a session with Christine received the message to be more quiet and that I was mistaken about my eyedentity. My focus is to be relaxed at all times that really helps my body and whole being to heal. I am so thankful to Christine for sharing her experience of healing from MS and helping me to heal my body of the same.

“Christine helped me to see that there is beauty in going into the places that scare me because it is those places where healing occurs.”
– Rita

To accept and believe that Christine Albright had truly succeeded in healing herself of this “incurable disease”. has been the hardest challenge my over educated mind that questions and doubts everything has ever taken on. I was often fearful and always challenging while working with Christine, but her quiet assurance and specific directions as to how to do it (as she did and what my body needed from me) has finally persuaded me that yes, healing my MS can and will happen. I have now, a continuing, deep and beautiful connection with love, with God, and with my body that is, so grateful to finally be listened to and is showing me the way to heal everyday.
– Lorna

I was so grateful and encouraged by Christine’s article on healing MS that I had to write to her.  I had been working in the holistic health field for over ten years when I was diagnosed with MS and although my instinct was “my body knows how to heal itself” I had no idea how. I started with applying all my tools: acupuncture, nutrition, detoxification and qi gong. I read every healing account and focused on healing rather than the illness. All well and good but after two and a half years my physical health had not improved. In fact my walking and fatigue had gotten a lot worse and the effort I put into detoxifying was proving exhausting. I could not face another liver or kidney cleanse.

Finding Christine was a total blessing, and hearing her approach of really listening to the body and loving the MS made absolute sense. Christine’s experience, knowledge and wisdom are so valuable and her support really appreciated as it is a challenging terrain. Healing sessions with Christine have allowed me to really go within and be with the illness rather than run and to receive the wisdom necessary for my healing and spiritual growth. This has proven to be a radical turnaround from where I was. I am much more surrendered, trusting my innate ability to heal and emotionally much calmer and accepting. I feel I am really changing from a masculine orientation of doing and fixing to a more feminine allowing and receptive mode of being. I know this is imperative to my healing. Physically I feel stronger internally, having less pain and fatigue and I sleep much better. It really feels like my body is healing and I am looking forward to whole health again.
Thanks Christine!

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