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Do You Think You Have An Incurable Illness?

Have you wondered if you are capable of healing an “incurable” illness? I am delighted to inform you that it is absolutely possible to heal, (not “cure”) an incurable illness. The body has miraculous abilities to heal itself. We all have everything within us to heal anything and everything. We were not just dumped on the planet with no way to heal ourselves. We are all naturally designed with these amazing abilities to heal ourselves.

I am pleased and delighted to share with you these amazing abilities that I discovered while healing myself of Multiple Sclerosis, an  “incurable” illness. I have been symptom free for 23 years and share these healing processes with people worldwide who have found amazing relief through connecting to their innate and profound  inner healer.

Here are some basic ways of activating your innate ability to heal yourself:

First, it is very important that you learn how NOT to be in your head or intellect and try not to”figure it out”. You cant, if you tried. The healing comes from a very deep place within each of us. Healing comes from the heart and feeling rather than the mind and thinking.

I am pleased to tell you that to heal, you must simply learn to relax and let go! Your body and deep being knows exactly what to do to heal you and exactly when and how to do it. You simply need to get out of the way and learn to listen to what your body/being is telling you to do to heal. It is actually quite simple, but maybe not so easy. Just commit to your own healing process. Your body/ being knows if you are committed. You will get out of it what you put into it.

If you have a symptom, let yourself feel it, say YES to it, rather than saying NO or fighting  it. Yes, opens the energy that naturally begins to heal it, No, contracts or blocks the natural healing energy. You want to support your bodies natural healing energy.

Know that every symptom is there for a very specific reason. Like everything the body does, it is like a finely tuned machine and everything works in perfect rhythm  with all the other parts. So, when you have a symptom, know that it is there for a specific reason and trying so hard to give you important information on how to heal it. It is the bodies way of communicating with you. If you allow yourself to be quiet, relax into the symptom and your body, and feel what it is trying to tell you, listen to the inner voice. It may be a quiet voice that says. “eat more spinach”  or “get more rest” and then DO IT. Then be aware of how you are feeling. Even keep a journal to keep tract of how your body is talking to you and what happens when you do what it asks of you. Then you will build trust in collaborating with your body and it will begin to trust that you are on its side and it will give you more information to heal. It is so amazing how it works!

Your body/being is trying to heal itself all the time in every way. Your bodies natural state is to be healthy, well and whole all the time and is constantly trying to get to that state. But as partners, and you are partners, you must be in alignment with the body so it can do with you what is needed to heal. When you learn to embrace it, opposed to hate it, fear it or fight it,  but instead, send loving high frequency energy to it, it will soften naturally and begin to heal. Just like people soften when they feel loved, so does your body. Be aware of how you are with your illness. Feel it like a child that needs love to stop crying and to heal. Be kind and patient with yourself like you would a dear friend who needs your help and support. When  your body/being begins to trust that you are trying to help it rather than get rid of it it, will begin to open and show you what it needs for you to do to heal.

Stayed tuned for more information on how to heal your body.

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The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis and Illness

Hello, my name is Christine Albright. I am a certified energetic, spiritual and intuitive healer specializing in the alternative healing treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses and injuries. This form of healing works for everything; it is just how the body innately heals itself. The reason I am qualified to speak about this healing process is because I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and was told what the doctors are still telling people who are diagnosed with this and many other illnesses, that it is incurable, there are only drugs to take to treat it and that I would live with it the rest of my life. How disheartening! But somehow, I just “knew” that it wasn’t true for me. The Universe doesn’t work in dead ends like that. I also realized in time that the incurable is because the doctors don’t have an answer to this particular illness so they say its “incurable”. I guess it is incurable when they consider drugs the only way to treat it. But there are many ways to treat it. Many times in this culture we learn to hate, fear and fight or try to kill things or illnesses like this, which actually makes it worse. As an energetic healer I’ve learned to work with the energies that are within us all and that innately heal. Love and God are the highest healing energies that exist. When I exposed my MS to these energies, it immediately began to feel better, lighter and calmer, more relaxed. The MS or any illness or situation is not the enemy, it is your body crying for you to listen to it and it will tell you what it needs for you to do to heal it. Our bodies natural state is to be healthy, well and whole at all times. We are all made that way. When it is not, something in you needs your loving attention to heal it. The symptoms are the way the body communicates with you and as you move into the feeling of the symptom and accept it instead of reject it, the energy begins to open and heal. I did this for four years and completely healed my MS and have been symptom free for twenty years. I now teach others searching for an answer how to connect with this innate ability to heal that we are all born with. It works for all illnesses and injuries or anything that is out of alignment and wants, needs to heal. It is how the Universe heals everything! I am writing this to let you know you are not stuck with this and there is a way out, and it is within you. We all have everything we need to heal within us. We are all born that way. The highest healing energies are Love and God.

All things are possible with these energies!

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Warmly, Christine Albright

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

By: Christine Albright

Published in:

Alternatives Healing Magazine, Portland, Oregon, Fall-2002, Issue 23, Energetic Healing

The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis 
Embracing Love and the Innate Inner Healer

I believe disease is a call for our attention, a “knocking at the door”, so to speak. Disease asks us to look deeply within to find the answers, so we can heal our beings, our hearts, our souls—our life. It asks us to heal in a way that, perhaps, we would never have noticed until the illness demanded our attention.

In 1990, disease began pounding at my door, and I was forced to face my greatest fear, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. With my background as a professional ballet dancer, I couldn’t imagine dealing with a disease much worse, as my self image was strongly identified with my physical abilities. I was terrified about MS and its possible deterioration of physical abilities. I had prayed at night that I would not contract this disease.

I was completely devastated for a month as I went through the stages common to tragic news; denial, anger, sadness and finally acceptance. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do. No treatment was available beyond medication, a course I had once tried and vowed not to do again. Their assessment was that it could not be healed. I would just have to “wait and see how it goes”.

What? Wait and see if I became disabled? That, fortunately, was not a concept that I could or would grasp. So, what would I grasp? What would I do?

Gradually, I began to focus on a feeling, coming up from the depths of my being, telling me (contrary to my doctor’s belief) that it was, in fact, possible to heal this disease, and that I could do it. It didn’t feel true to me that the MS was inevitable; I knew it could be healed. I thought, “we can’t just be left as victims. We have to be able to heal these things”.

This awareness was not based on any scientific evidence. It was a deep knowing that just felt true. So, I reasoned, if in fact this could be healed, how would that happen? At this point, I hadn’t a clue.

First, I decided to try the traditional methods offered at my local MS Center in Colorado—support groups, biofeedback and nutritional counseling to name a few. I had done quite a bit of research, especially on nutrition, beforehand and found that little new information (for me) was available at the Center. I remember standing in the circle of the support group, listening to the anguished stories of people with MS. I wanted so much to say “it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be in this pain, it is possible to heal this disease”. But how would I tell them to heal it? I too had MS and wasn’t able to heal my own illness.

Since looking for the answer outside of my self provided no solution, I began to sense that the answers were within. I could feel something drawing me in, calling me to travel deep inside and find the answer there. I searched my being, scanning for the connection to something greater than myself, something bigger than the MS. I explored ever deeper, waiting for that moment of inner certainty when you know you’ve hit the truth. At last it happened—I felt it, that jewel of the deep truth revealed itself. The ultimate answer was GOD! Of course, it was God.

I realized in that moment that God is bigger than the MS, bigger than my fears, and can heal this supposedly “incurable” disease. God can do anything. It was THE answer! In that moment, I completely surrendered the illness to God. I Let Go.

The complete surrender of the MS in every aspect to God was the first and most profound step in my healing process. I felt as though I placed the MS in my hands and handed it all over. “Here God I give this to you to do with as you will”. I then experienced a wave of relnøf, as though, in that moment, God picked it up and held it, and on some level inside myself, unknown and unknowable to me before, the illness was healed in an instant.

This is the God that goes by many names: Allah, God, Goddess, Buddha, Christ, Love, Universal Truth, The One. It is any belief higher than oneself, that brings us to our heart, our soul, our deepest truth, our essence. Essence is the place inside us where we meet God. It is the truest, most complete and loving part of who we are. It is our truth. When we connect and honor that truth within us, all things are possible. The result is an astounding miracle, the miracle of Healing Love.

What followed was four years journeying into the deepest realms of my being, connecting profoundly with God, my true essence and my inner healer. Ultimately, I was required to heal every aspect of my life to effect the complete healing of the MS in my body.

Stages of Healing 
The next critical stage in my healing process became clear to me one day when I got very angry with my body for being sick. I yelled at it; I felt betrayed, abandoned, victimized and furious with it. Then, suddenly, I became aware of an energy moving up through my cells and nerves, from the very core of my being. It was as if my deepest being was crying with a profound and intense grief saying, “if you get mad at me I can only become more sick; I need you to love me and I will heal!” In that moment I “knew”, without a doubt, that only by loving my body and this illness, with all its symptoms, was I going to fully heal it. In that moment I made a complete and sincere commitment to my body, my being, my life. I vowed that every decision from now on would be one of love for my body and all aspects of the MS.

In the four years of healing that followed, I began to learn the beautiful, precise, articulate and correct language of love for my body and being.

As I began to profoundly love my body and the MS, the energy of the illness started to open and soften. It was like the lights came on. Whenever I felt that light, I knew I was healing. Gradually, I began to become conscious of an amazing truth. I realized that every symptom had a specific reason for its existence. It was not present just to annoy me or make me suffer, as we are taught to believe. Rather, each symptom contained within it an answer for how I was to heal. The pain and discomfort were asking me to stop and be quiet, very quiet and as I listened, I could hear the wisdom it needed me to know in order to heal.

I began to allow myself to step inside the symptom, with love—to fully feel, embrace and engage the symptom rather than cringe, or run in fear, or attempt to block, suppress or get rid of it. I would ask the symptom why it was there and, listening deeply, I would hear an answer in return. For instance, ‘it was that half pound of M&M’s you ate yesterday’. I then remembered that brief moment of rebellion. I would tell my body that I was sincerely sorry. Then I would ask what it needed from me to heal. It would give me a remedy, such as, three primrose oil capsules (to counteract the saturated fat, which is very bad for MS) and drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins. I would do what it asked of me and that symptom would disappear completely and forever. Each symptom I engaged in this way deepened the overall healing of the illness.

Eventually I learned that, for the MS to heal, I had to heal everything else in my life, including relationships, self-concepts, old wounds—everything. When I did something that was not in harmony with the healing, my body would let me know quickly and intensely with a new frightening symptom that would put me down in bed for three days, every time! Believe me, I learned quickly not to disregard my body. It meant business and wanted to heal. It would not put up with my silly or rebellious games and would let me know when I strayed from the healing path. This is why we are not victims of our body. It wants to heal too.

We have an incredible communication system built into our being. This system tells us exactly what it needs to heal. Our body know how to heal itself. It is the body’s natural state to be healthy and it knows how to reach that end.

This process took me to some very wounded areas. This, I discovered, is why I originally contracted the MS. I needed to heal my abusive past and bring in the love that my being so desperately needed. Not just human love but also the deep healing of God’s love.

During the years of my healing process I developed a strong and intimate relationship with my body and the illness. They became my best friends. I wanted only to support and love them, to listen and attend to their needs. It was almost like taking care of a needing baby or child. You have to surrender to what is being asked of you, with love, and you receive great rewards in return.

In these years, I learned that fear is an illusion! Fear is a familiar presence for those facing a debilitating disease. It sure was to me. One day I was so tired of trying to outrun the fear that I finally turned around in anger and stared it down. I was amazed to learn that, behind the fear was the truth of the situation—and that the truth was always the exact opposite of the fear. But I had to face the fear first to get to the truth. I began to look forward to facing the fear so I could see what the truth might be. Truth was always so much kinder than the fear!

At the time of my diagnosis, I was immensely out of balance and alignment. My four-year healing process walked me, step by step, back to my natural balance. I knew the day, the moment, that I hit my balance. I felt it. All the cogs slipped into alignment with each other. Whoop! I hit balance! The healing was complete!

But there was a part of me that didn’t want to completely let go of the MS. This I discovered when I went to Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe’s school for energetic healing. The MS had become my meter in life, always letting me know when I was “off”. I would simply go to the symptom and it would tell me where and how to get back to balance. The thought of letting go of this companion was like saying good-bye to a very dear friend. But, eventually, through more energetic healing, I released it and replaced it with God. Now my relationship with the Divine lets me know when I am out of balance.

More importantly, I discovered a deeper reason to exist in the world. It is to give back. I realized that God gave me this incredible gift of healing and I am now to share it with others who struggle with MS. All the information out there says you can’t heal the disease, it is incurable, there are only drugs to take to treat it. But I can say with certainty that there are other possibilities for its healing! I am now the person I was searching for when I was first diagnosed. I remember thinking then, “if I can find one person who has healed themselves of MS, then I can too”.

The process of connecting with and embracing your inner healer is an exquisite experience. It does however require a sincere and strong commitment to the healing process. When that commitment is made, it is possible to heal multiple sclerosis, or stop its progression, or at least to feel a whole lot better. I am living proof of it. I believe that the information essential for healing lives within us all. I am convinced that this is true for MS or any disease, injury or disorder. It is about surrendering completely, to God, to the deep love, to the innate inner healer within, and then listening deeply and trusting what you hear. Illness can be our most profound teacher.

What a simple, profound, loving and amazing process, where all of the answers are intact, inside and available through the very thing that is the issue. I found that the answer to healing the MS is IN the MS! And that my greatest fear became my greatest gift.

Christine Albright has been symptom free for the past eight years and considers herself completely healed from Multiple Sclerosis. Using her own experience with her illness combined with her three-year formal education from the Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing, she now has a practice in Portland, Oregon, and has started the Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Healing & Care Center, working with people with Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases. Christine can be reached at: 303/465-9200,

The above article was published in Alternatives Magazine, Fall-2002, Issue 23