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Welcome to this site of profound, innate and inner self healing.

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The Healing Of Multiple Sclerosis 

Welcome to this site of profound, innate and inner self healing.  

This site is dedicated to the healing of Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses and injuries. It honors the body’s and deep being’s innate ability to heal itself. We are all intrinsically born with this most powerful and profound ability to self heal, though are rarely exposed to in this culture.

For all those who seek to connect, listen to, honor and activate their deep, true and innate ability to heal themselves and the ms.

For those willing to go beyond themselves, yet delve deeply into themselves in search of their truth of healing, for that which is available to us all, at all times.

The awareness that loving one’s self, and the illness, is a profound portal into the necessary healing of one’s body and truest, being.

That this healing ability is made available to us all, through the deep and complete surrender to a divine power – greater than ourselves or the illness.

For all those who have expressed, that they “know,” that healing this, or any “incurable” illness is possible.  And for the many who simply don’t yet

know how to access this healing.  This site, honoring and supporting your innate ability to heal,this or any illness, is for YOU.

Please read on…


Through  my own complete healing of Multiple Sclerosis, it is my profound pleasure to share with you and those seeking a deeper reality and truth in the treatment and healing of their illness, injury or situation.

I am honored to provide guidance and answers through my own healing discoveries of MS. Reinforced and refined by a formal three year education that exactly mirrored my healing process at the Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing.

Please allow the information in this site to open your deep heart, nurture your soul and gently guide you into your truest healing.

Your body is waiting for your attention – to connect, listen and attend to what it is asking for from you to heal.

 Your Body Knows How to Heal Itself!

Listen to what it tells you and HEAL.