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MS Alternative Healing Treatment

Welcome to this amazing form of energetic and innate inner healing. Its source is you. It is connecting and activating the innate ability that we are all born with but seldom hear about. It is very deep and extremely powerful, profound and totally natural. It works astonishingly well, as it is designed to do. Just as your body will naturally heal a cut on your finger, so can it heal MS, Cancer and any other illness or injury. It simply requires that you learn how to connect to and activate it.

I am delighted to assist and support you in this process. To help you become aware of what your body is asking for through the illness or injury and how it wants you to heal it. If you listen, it will guide you every step of the way to your intentional and complete healing.

This form of healing is a full body, full being, full life healing. It requires that the entire being on all layers comes into balance and alignment with your natural state of wellness and health. This is how healing works. The more committed you are in this healing process, the more you will receive. I am committed to guiding, educating and supporting you in this profound healing experience that your body/being may have been asking for, for a long time.

The following forms of deep healing services are available for individuals, family members, healthcare professionals, business professionals, spiritual seekers and teachers of any faith throughout the world.

It is applicable for all illnesses, injuries and dysfunctions.

These healing services are provided by Christine Albright a trained and certified professional energetic, quantum, intuitive and spiritual healer who has completely healed her body/being of multiple sclerosis. It is provided with the deep love and care that is the essence of this healing modality.

Initial Consultation:

Taking it Deeper:


In person, distance (via phone) healing services
Available locally and across the Globe


I look forward to supporting and guiding your deep and complete healing through your natural healing energies of Love, God and the Innate Inner Healer!

Deep Blessings, Christine Albright

For more information please contact me at
msalternativehealingcenter.com or call 303/465-9200

We so look forward to supporting you in this extraordinary and deeply innate healing process!

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